ISX shines in fuel economy stakes

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Heavy Duty Trucks

ISX 550-powered Kenworth T409 is TRN’s best four-axle dog combination in terms of fuel efficiency.

An ADR80-03 Cummins ISX 550 is leading the fuel efficiency race at NSW civil engineering and haulage company TRN.

The ISX 550, propelling a Kenworth T409 SAR coupled to a four-axle dog trailer, is pulling gross weights of 50.5 tonnes. By the end of 2011, it had clocked up nearly 100,000 km and 2000 hours.

“It’s our best four-axle dog combination in terms of fuel efficiency, averaging 1.8 km/litre around town and 2 km/litre on highway work,” says Trent Fordham, truck workshop manager for TRN, a company based at Narellan, south-west of Sydney.

A Western Star with a DD15 engine pulling only a three-axle dog at 48.5 tonnes is back in the pack in terms of fuel economy. The TRN tipper fleet generally averages between 1.4 and 1.6 km/litre.

A further two T409 SAR Kenworths with ISX 550 engines are going into service with TRN early in 2012.

“We’re very happy overall with the reliability and fuel efficiency of our latest (ADR80-03) Cummins engines,” says Trent Fordham.

“Cummins has got the performance side sorted too… our drivers are really impressed.

“We’ve had the occasional little thing go wrong but Cummins has been quick to get on top of them.”

Driver Kevin Bailey endorses the tractive effort of the ADR80-03 ISX Cummins in one word: “Tops”.

Trent Fordham, TRN truck workshop manager...“We’re very happy overall with the reliability and fuel efficiency of our latest (ADR80-03) Cummins engines.”

Before climbing into the T409 Kenworth, he piloted a TRN Mack SuperLiner, a field test truck powered by an ADR80-03 ISX engine that went into service early in 2010, nearly a year before the introduction of the new emissions regulations.

The SuperLiner had clocked up just over 200,000 km and 5000 hours at the beginning of 2012.

After a long absence from the TRN fleet, Cummins has been making its presence felt again in the tipper operation over the last couple of years.

Service support is a key factor behind Cummins’ comeback at TRN, as is the performance of the Cummins ADR80-03 ISX 550 engines.

TRN, a company that had its origins in 1966, today has over 200 pieces of plant.

Civil contracting is the largest business segment of the company that is based at Narellan, south west of Sydney.

TRN is involved in a number of major construction projects in south west Sydney as well as other areas of NSW.

Its haulage fleet of 30 frontline tippers – mainly truck and dog combinations – support its earthmoving and quarry operations as well as carting coal in the NSW Illawarra region.

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