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Anthony and Megan Mansell.

Anthony and Megan Mansell – AJM Transport – switched to Cummins power in 2008. They have no regrets.

AJM Transport is an immaculately presented and maintained fleet based in Newcastle, NSW.

Husband and wife Anthony and Megan Mansell started their business with one tipper – a truck-and-dog – in 2004 and used Caterpillar power exclusively until 2008.

“I didn’t like the complexity of Acert as an emissions technology so we decided to give Cummins a try,” Anthony recalls.

The Mansells haven’t been disappointed.

“We buy Cummins now because we’re looked after,” he says.

“If there’s an issue we know it’ll be fixed…we have peace of mind with Cummins and that’s a massive thing.”

The Cummins engines in the Mansell fleet range from a Gen II Signature 620 to the latest Signature 600 EGR equipped with a diesel particulate filter to meet ADR80-03 emissions.

The two latest Signature engines are in K200 and T609 Kenworths. “The ADR80-03 Signature has a definite performance edge over the previous EGR Signature,” Anthony notes.

Anthony and Megan Mansell are a genuine and unassuming couple. They are proud of the business they’ve built and enjoy working together on a daily basis.

“Just the fact we’re successful gives us huge satisfaction,” says Anthony.

“We’ve built this business from nothing and we’ve won work because of the appearance of our equipment and how it is maintained.

“I get really chuffed with high utilisation of equipment, when we can get that extra enth of a degree out of our gear.”

The Mansells operate 12 trucks, seven of which are dedicated to Mainfreight.

“We started as line haul providers for Mainfreight in late 2005, operating one truck between Melbourne and Newcastle, and the relationship has grown from there,” says Anthony.

The Mansells operate a Brisbane-Melbourne shuttle for Mainfreight every night. The shuttle comprises three legs, between Brisbane and Coffs Harbour, Coffs Harbour and Gundagai, and Melbourne and Gundagai.

A Mack Super-Liner powered by a Cummins ISX 550 is operating between Coffs Harbour and Gundagai and is clocking up around 12,500 km a week – utilisation that brings a smile to Anthony’s face.

Anthony Mansell served his apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic in Mackay, Queensland, working for a local bus company.

In his spare time he worked for family company Jordon Transport, servicing and driving trucks.

“John Jordan gave me a chance back then when the accepted minimum age for getting a driving job was 25…I was 20,” says Anthony.

AJM Transport is an immaculately maintained fleet.

He also remembers Jordan buying Cummins because of the back-up service.

Anthony worked fulltime for Jordan Transport for five years before moving to Newcastle to take on a management role with another transport company.

Then in 2004 he and Megan – whom he’d met some years earlier – decided to break out on their own, buying a T401 Kenworth for truck-and-dog tipper work from Sneddon Bulk Haulage.

Megan credits Anthony with the passion that underpins their business.

“Anthony’s got a passion for trucks. When he left the comfort of a well paid job to buy our first truck I was a little bit scared but I knew he’d make it work,” she says.

“I knew we had to be in it totally…we couldn’t be half in it.

“There are some days when you want to rip your hair out, but we’ve been successful because Anthony loves what he does.

“He knows how to maintain a truck, he knows how to drive a truck, he knows how to allocate a truck and he knows how to chase freight.

“Trucking is a time-consuming business and you never get to switch off… it would be easy to neglect the family,” says Megan.

“We have two beautiful young boys – Josh and Christian – and we make sure we spend as much time with them as possible.”

“We are blessed to have a good team behind the scenes in the office as well as the drivers on the road,” Anthony adds.

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