Cleaning Up

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Mid Range Trucks

The latest Cummins-powered Kenworths in the Acacia fleet are meeting expectations in terms of fuel economy.

Angelo Mezzomo has been in business 18 years operating as Acacia Transport – a Sydney-based fleet today comprising 20 linehaul trucks.

“We’ve built up our customer base mainly in regional NSW, carting fruit, vegetables, dairy products and fresh food,” he says.

A fully qualified diesel mechanic, he worked with his father in his early years, repairing trucks, tractors and other machinery.

Deciding he wanted a new challenge, he bought his first truck in the mid-’90s, a Mitsubishi rigid that he used to cart nursery products. Hence the name of his transport business, derived from the acacia plant.

By the late ’90s Angelo Mezzomo had given up the nursery work and bought his first prime mover – a Kenworth K100E powered by a 410 hp ‘Red Head’ Cummins which he sub-contracted to Linfox, carting groceries.

In 2000 the refrigerated side of Acacia Transport began to take shape when a contract with Franklins was secured.

Mezzomo’s background as a mechanic is strongly reflected in the smart appearance of the fleet today and the no-compromise way it is maintained.

The latest trucks at Acacia are all Kenworths – three K200s, twoT909s and a T609, all powered by ADR80-03 Cummins Signature 600 engines coupled to particulate filters.

“The latest Cummins engines are performing well and I can’t fault Cummins’ support,” he says.

Mezzomo willingly embraces new technology, seeing clear benefits with the latest low emission Cummins engines.

“It’s critical for us as carriers of fresh food and produce to have clean equipment and the latest technology engines have helped us in this regard,” he says.

“Our customers love seeing clean gear, and the fact we don’t have to worry about soot on our vans anymore is very important for our company presentation.”

Angelo Mezzemo…”I can’t fault Cummins’ support.

Mezzomo says he “puts a lot of money back into the business” to ensure the fleet appearance stays top-notch.

Prime movers are replaced every four years or 700,000 to 800,000 km while trailers are replaced every five years.

“We have no dramas selling our gear…we’ve just sold three of our Kenworth prime movers to an operator in Perth,” he points out.

The latest Cummins Signature 600 engines are meeting expectations in terms of fuel economy.

“Straight out of the box the T609 was good on fuel, doing 2.1 km/litre on single trailer work, fully loaded on all legs from Sydney to Griffith to Wyong,” he points out.

Two Cummins Fleet 450 engines powering Kenworth T402s are returning the best fuel economy in the fleet, averaging 2.5 km/litre on single trailer work to regional destinations such as Newcastle and Tamworth.

Kenworth’s latest cab-over, the K200, also wins high praise from Mezzomo.

“It’s a far better truck for the driver than previous Kenworth cab-overs…it’s roomier, rides nicer and is quieter,” he says.

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