Cummins announces Gen II EGR engines

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

ISX and Signature Gen II EGR engines were announced at the International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Exhibition in Melbourne in March.

Cummins has announced the release of the ISX and Signature Gen II EGR engines following a program of continuous product improvement.

The Gen II EGR release is the culmination of a number of reliability and durability improvements that have been implemented over the life of the EGR engines.

The 15-litre ISX and Signature use cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for emissions reduction.

The Gen II improvements apply to new ADR80-02 and ADR80-03 EGR engines.

“The release of the Gen II EGR engines is proof of Cummins’ commitment to continuous product improvement,” says Sean McLean, general manager of automotive products for Cummins South Pacific.

The reliability/durability upgrades include the variable geometry (VG) turbocharger and EGR cooler, while the piston has a reduced top land diameter for improved oil control.

The Gen II improvements have been validated through extensive testing by Cummins both in the US and Australia.

“Calibration developments are also seeing improved fuel economy with the latest generation EGR engines, while driveability and engine brake performance continue to be best in class,” says Sean McLean.

The Gen II EGR ISX and Signature are now in production and will be available during the second quarter of 2012.

ISX ratings span 450 hp/1650 lb ft to 600 hp/1850 lb ft, while the top-output Signature is rated at 600 hp/2050 lb ft.

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