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Posted: May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Cummins has opened a new $5 million branch facility in Mt Gambier, South Australia, incorporating best practice ‘green’ technology.

In fact, the Mt Gambier development will be used as the environmental model for all new branch facilities planned by Cummins South Pacific in the future.

The new Mt Gambier branch also further reinforces Cummins’ strong reputation in the region for service support.

Leigh Newton and his team at Mt Gambier run one of the top-ranked Cummins branches in the South Pacific, based on customer surveys to determine where the company is performing well and where it needs to improve.

The environmental credentials of the new branch include:

• Metered water usage is reduced by 80 – 100% by utilising rain water collection in two 135,000-litre tanks. Bore water supply is also available as a back-up.

• A 10 kW solar system provides up to 50% of site electricity consumption, reducing dependency on grid power which comes from a coal-fired plant.

• All waste water and sewage is treated in an on-site plant with the outflow used for irrigation of the landscaped gardens.

• Wash bay water is recycled through an oil water separator into a 25,000-litre holding tank.

• All storm water from the site is filtered through a solid pollutant filter/oil and grease arrestor.

• The main building has ‘Hebel’ block walls which (compared with precast concrete) provide improved thermal and noise insulation as well as excellent fire resistance.

• Workshop energy usage is reduced through use of high-output/low-energy lights, skylights, and white ‘epoxy’ floor covering to reflect natural light.

• Motion sensors and high efficiency lighting are used in offices.

• Interior of the building is painted using recycled waste paints.

• All oils and coolants are stored over a bunded area under the main roof.

• All underground sumps are stainless steel lined to prevent leakage into the groundwater.

The new facility, which incorporates nine truck service bays, a chassis dynamometer and many other state-of-the-art customer and staff amenities, is surrounded by a fully concreted yard to control storm water run-off.

Branch manager and team leader for the project Leigh Newton says there was widespread employee involvement in all aspects of the project from design and site layout through to environmental considerations, purchasing and then commissioning.

On the environmental features, he says: “It pays to be bold and trial ideas that seemed daring just a few years ago.”

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