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  1. Mark says:

    Are Cummins going to keep going with the EGR on signatures in the future or will they move to SCR?

  2. Kim Wallman says:

    Just like to notify your company, the contact details we have for recieving the Cummins Commentary is a
    CSPBR 2379
    G. Kelley
    LMB 8065
    because Gloria Kelley – Librarian has retired from CQ TAFE as at 15-7-2011

    Can we change details to
    Attn: Rockhampton Campus Library
    Kim Wallman
    LMB 8065

    Many Thanks Kim

  3. Nick says:

    Hello Cummins Commentary. Like your Magazine, but need to update my address details to you. You have no contact details in either the Magazine or on this Website to contact you. Can you update this website with contact details or put contact details on your Magazine so readers can do this task?

  4. Hi Nick,

    Please email your updated contact details to and we will update your address details.

    Cummins Commentary

  5. porn suceuse says:

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    le webmɑster

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